Happy Birthday, Sis

“Citizen Ralph, we must go to the guillotine.  Today, there are spry and energetic – if somewhat aged – bourgeois, my favourite. And we must buy a wrinkled, pathetic turnip and week-old wine for our supper.”

“I also, Citizen Margaret, enjoy the shopping with a little chopping. Ha Ha. But perhaps we might steal something on the way and make a feast of it. I am rather fond of a good Bordeaux.”

“Do not get above your station, Citizen. Be satisfied with what you may find in the hands of the 1 percent. Personally, I’m hoping for a claret, and perhaps a chicken, but I’ll take what providence and your bludgeon provide.”

“It is a merry life we have, is it not Citizen Margaret, in spite of being three score years and ten?”

“It is indeed, Citizen Ralph. We have many years of enjoyment ahead. HO HO. Did you get that, Citizen? A HEAD!”

“Very drole, my dear, very drole. Onward.”


This scene was inspired by a postcard depicting an old man and woman, perhaps during the French Revolution, deep in conversation. In honour of my birthday, my brother, Ken, wrote  les mots amusante to accompany the drawing. Definitely the best birthday card ever.

One comment

  • Much to read on your site, I have fallen behind. I really enjoyed doing your card and must search for something for next year!