About Me

PegHorseI was born in Montreal in the middle of the last century.  I grew up loving all creatures, especially horses, and I drew them repeatedly and badly. Unfortunately an allergy kept me away from horses, and it was an early lesson that you can’t always have what you want.  But that didn’t stop me from imagining a life with them, and after all, isn’t that what fiction writing is all about?  This is a photo of my first, and last, ride on a real pony.

I met my husband, Ralph Durand, at graduate school in Ontario, and we were lucky enough to find jobs together in the US and then Canada. I’ve recently retired from a career in cancer research where I published under my maiden name, and now I’m volunteering with an environmental organization in Vancouver, hoping to do something to curb our species’ uncontrollable enthusiasm to grow and consume on a finite planet.  I’m happy to imagine a different world, even if it’s not necessarily a better one.

I’ve been an avid reader since childhood, and a writer of non-fiction as a scientist, but I’ve always loved writing poems and stories.  I’ve taken several creative writing courses at the University of British Columbia, and I completed a novel that was short-listed for the 2015 Cedric Literary Awards.  It’s a historical romance, if you can believe that after reading these stories.

In 2013, I moved to beautiful Salt Spring Island, and with all the new distractions, including building raised bed gardens and installing solar panels, I find it easier these days to complete short stories.  I hope you find at least some of these entertaining, and I welcome all comments and suggestions.