Welcome to the write side of my brain

As a scientist for many years and now a volunteer for an environmental organization, I'm attuned to what we're doing to our planet. The insights I've gained drive much of what I write these days, combined with a long-standing love of science fiction. I like to imagine a near-future that includes the worst, the best, and the weird.

Recent Stories

Brain Drain (S)

I don’t know how I got myself lost. I’d driven there with no problems the week before.  OK, I had a GPS telling me where […]

Bumper Stumper (L)

“Would you look at that weird bumper sticker?” Marvin was pointing to the hybrid stopped in front of them at a red light on Granville. […]

Two Roads Diverged (S)

Anne was kneeling beside her garden and concentrating on planting the garlic cloves exactly six inches apart.   It was a mid-October weekend and sunny, a […]

Underneath (S)

Lynn struggled into the neoprene and rubber suit, tugging the material over her slim hips and torso.  She smiled in anticipation of the dive.  She […]